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          Medium Duty Payload 15kg High Speed Pan Tilt Unit with OEM Service for Outdoor Surveillance Camera

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          area: Tianjin
          Expiry date : Long Effective
          last update: 2018-07-08 06:06
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          Pan Tilt HZY520 Series

          1.High precision worm-gear transmission?and stepper motor?driving, self-lock after power?failure, strong wind resistance, high stability.
          2.Support a variety of lenses, zoom self-adaption, auto adjust rotation speed according to?zoom ratio.
          3.Maximum horizontal speed is 60°/s.
          4.High?accurate?positioning 0.1° .
          5.Maximum load is 15kg.
          6.Support 3D positioning.?
          7.Weatherproof design,?IP66.


          Model ?HZY520\ZY520 ?HZY520M\ZY520M ?HZY520L\ZY520L
          Rotation?Speed Horizontal:??0.1°/s~60°/s??? Horizontal:??0.1°/s~60°/s??? Horizontal:??1°/s~9°/s???
          Vertical:?0.1°~30°/s Vertical:?0.1°/s~20°/s Vertical:?1°/s~4°/s
          Rotation?Angle Horizontal:?360°?continuous Horizontal:?360°?continuous Horizontal:?360°?continuous???
          Vertical:﹣75°~﹢40° Vertical:﹣75°~﹢40° Vertical:﹣75°~﹢40°
          Preset?Position ?200

          Presetting?Precision ?±0.1° ±0.2° ±0.5°
          Lens?Preset Support,?adaptive?to?many?lenses
          Lens?control?speed Zoom,focus?speed?is?adjustable
          Speed?Self-adaption Support
          Auto?Scan 1
          Auto?Cruise 1
          Keep?Watch ?A?preset?position,?a?cruising?track?or?a?auto?scan?can?be?set
          Power?Failure?Memory Support(?Recover?to?previous?PTZ?and?lens?status,?preset?position,?scan?and?cruise?status)
          Protocol Pelco?D/Pelco?P?(Optional)
          Communication RS485,?support?angle?return?by?query?command



          (RS422,?support?real?time?angle?display?on?screen) /RJ45?(?for?network?type?)
          Input?Voltage AC24V±25%???50/60HZ AC24V±25%???50/60HZ
          Power ≤80W ≤75W ≤60W
          Working?Temperature ﹣25°C~﹢65°C??90±5%RH?(without?heater) ﹣25°C~﹢65°C??90±5%RH?(without?heater)
          ﹣40°C~﹢70°C??90±5%RH?(with?heater) ﹣40°C~﹢70°C??90±5%RH?(with?heater)
          Storage?Temperature ﹣40°C~﹢70°C
          Max.?Load 15kg 12kg
          Protection IP66
          Dimension 227mm*246mm*347mm(L*W*H)
          Material Aluminum?alloy
          Weight 13kg 12kg 12kg
          Load?Mode Top?load?(lateral?load?compatible)
          Environmental?Requirements ROHS?compliant
          Resistance?To?Lightning?Surge GB/T1726.5-2008
          Optional?Configuration Network?transmission(100Mbps)

          ※ ZHOAN will not inform the change of characteristic and specification
          ※?ZHOAN has the right to change design and specifications caused by improving product.?Web information is just for reference,?the details please follow real product?and confirm with sales before purchase.

          Should you're interested in the medium duty payload 15kg high speed pan tilt unit with oem service for outdoor surveillance camera, welcome to contact our manufacturers and suppliers. We're equipped with a professional factory, please be free to get the customized products made in China with us.


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