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          Diethyl Ketone (DEK) CAS NO. 96-22-0

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          area: Henan
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          last update: 2018-08-09 12:45
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          1. Product Introduction

          Diethyl Ketone?

          CAS NO. 96-22-0

          Molecular Formula: C5H10O?

          Diethyl Ketone synonyms 3-Pentanone, Ethyl ketone. simple and symmetrical dialkyl ketone, slightly soluble in water, but miscible with organic solvents. It is produced industrially from propionic acid using metal oxide catalysts.

          2. Specification or COA






          99.0 MIN





          RELATIVE DENSITY (water=1)






          FLASH POINT


          3. Product application

          Diethyl Ketone is important fine chemical materials and high-grade solvent. It’s mainly used as organic solvent in paint and to produce dye, medicine and pesticide.

          4. Packing & Delivery

          Standard export neutral packing in 160KG/ Iron Drums or ISO Tank;?

          20'FCL =12.8T IN IRON DRUM

          Or 18MT IN ISO TANK

          Regular supply of Diethyl Ketone to meet requirements of global market

          5. FAQ

          What kind of packaging can Meiyachem provide?

          Drums, IBC totes, ISO tank container and Flexitank.

          Usually we supply the neutral packing to help push sales. Our packing is standardized in a manner which has proved successful in many export shipments. All the products were examined before packing and all packing material must be disinfected and immunized to comply with the regulations.

          Can I expect shorter lead times and simpler processes from Meiyachem?

          Yes. Long experience and an unmatched portfolio of products and services enable Meiyachem to meet the customer's needs in terms of quality, scheduling and energy efficiency. Our intent is to simplify processes wherever it makes sense.

          Will the products I use from Meiyachem continue to have the same quality, safety, and performance?

          Yes. We will continue to manufacture and supply products at the same manufacturing locations, and every product will uphold the same standards of quality, safety, and performance.

          How do I know if a product is available to ship?

          Please contact customer service directly either by email at info@meiyachem.com or by phone at +86 371-89963688

          What is Meiyachem doing about REACH?

          Most of Meiyachem's products are pre-registered with the ECHA for REACH compliance. Some of items were full-REACH registered.

          How can I place a sample order? and is there a charge?

          Samples may be ordered via Meiyachem website and there is no associated charge.

          What price can I get?

          “Quick turnover and small profit” is a guiding principle of our sales promotion work. We maintain a flexible policy in price and make the maximum profit to customers.

          Will Meiyachem be ISO certified?

          Meiyachem is seeking ISO certification on its products.

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