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          Horse Arena Construction

          Design for horse arena construction is quite professional knowledge. We do not jump to conclusion on such aspect. Based on experience for design gained from visiting horse stable both domestically and internationally, we could offer some principle suggestions. We adhere to the following concept: practical application first, aesthetic sense second while designing according to the actual conditions and in a scientific way.

          Practicability plays a major hand in designing horse arena construction. Many horse stable are not designed for the purpose, such as air ventilation, daylighting, safety of design of door and window for people and horses and whether location for washing horses is designed conveniently. Why does aesthetic sense play second fiddle to practicability? Most part of it is that many people are concerning their face issue. With design issue, massive amount of money and efforts are spent on these exterior decorations without equal attentions being paid to the details. First of all, efforts should be made to solve problems such as personality and comfort for horse and then take artistic design of horse stable into consideration. By taking advantage of existing conditions such as building structure, terrain, forestation and water resource, we can adroitly guide these factors according to the circumstance in order to make your design more attractive. That is a reason why we focus on principle of designing according to the actual conditions and in a scientific way.

          In light of site selection for horse arena construction, orientation, daylighting and ventilation should be taken into consideration. Attention should be paid to the issues such as lowering temperature in stable with breeze in summer and keeping horses from being hit by cold wind in winter. Considering roofing design, natural lighting and ventilation should be put a premium on. In addition, raising of truss of stable should be a litter bit higher. On-off skylight is preferably chosen. Unblocked drainage facility plays an important role in keeping cleaning for horse arena construction. In addition, consideration should be taken into areas such as horse cleaning and washing areas, medical care area, saddle room, dormitory and hay storage place.

          In light of interior decoration, we have to determine whether single row or double row is arranged suitably. How big the horse arena construction will be largely depends on how big the horse will be. For example, 3.5m horse stable in height suitably accommodate for domestic horse while 4m horse arena construction for bigger horses. If a double row is accepted, aisle between them should not be narrow in length. Considering isolation fence between stables and door, ventilation is priority. Anti skid and other factors should be taken into consideration in terms of ground design, which concrete, timber, stone as well as rubber are commonly used in horse arena construction.


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