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          Perforated HPL Raised Flooring

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          Perforated HPL raised flooring


          Perforated HPL raised flooring panel, integrally welded into a one piece steel panel providing identical strength ratings of the slot- ted and solid panels. The slotted panel provides 40% open area for maximum air flow.? SIZE:600×600×35mm

          We are engaged in manufacturing wide gamut of Perforated HPL raised flooring panel (open ratio 20%). These products are offered as per the changing tastes and preferences of our clients. Our research analysts conduct various research activities to bring about highly innovative range of products. Thus, we are able to offer these improvised products that are best in quality and least in price.



          Weight of Bare Panel:(15KG)

          Height of Bare? Panel:(35mm)

          Fire Rating of Bare Panel:????

          -Class A Flame Spread

          -Non-Combustible Materials

          ? ? ? ? ? ?

          Perforated HPL raised flooring panel (Conductive Vinyl)


          Concentrated Load Rating:?? (3.59 kN)

          Uniform Load Rating:?? (19.79 kg/m2)

          Ultimate Load Rating:????? (10.79KN)

          Impact Load Rating:????????? (79 Kg)?

          Rolling Load Rating:

          -CISCA Wheel A (10 Pass):?? (2.59 kN)

          -CISCA Wheel B (10K Pass):? (2.21 kN)

          Perforated HPL raised flooring panel (HPL)


          Perforated HPL raised flooring is installed with stringer and?pedestal.

          Stringer is installed to the pedestal head by stringer?

          screws, and panel is laid to the installed stringer frame with height adjustable pedestal.



          Perforated HPL raised flooring can be installed in?

          telecommunications,electronics,microelectronics, pharmaceutical and other industry program-control rooms, computer rooms,?power stations, factory clean room and other anti-static requiring places.


          1: why use a perforated HPL raised flooring panel?

          A ?perforated HPL raised flooring panel provides under floor space that can be used for a number of services, including:

          ·Electrical power;


          ·Data cabling;

          ·Air conditioning;

          ·Fire detection and suppression;


          ·Environmental control;


          ·Other cabling and pipe works.

          The ?perforated HPL raised flooring panel enables quick and easy access to these services, as individual floor panels are removable. This is very important for the modern business to cope with technological advances and other requirements for changes to the office environment, which could require a major upheaval without the access provided by raised access flooring.?

          2;what is ?perforated HPL raised flooring panel

          A perforated HPL raised flooring panel is a grid of load bearing floor panels supported by adjustable pedestals to raise them above an existing base. This creates an under-floor space for the housing and distribution of services. The floor panels are easily removable to allow quick access to these under-floor services as required


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