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          201 Grade Cold Rolled Non Annealed Stainless Steel Coil

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          Product details

          Production introduction

          Cold-rolled Non-annealed Stainless Steel Coil is also called Cold-rolled Hard Coil. Because it is not annealed, its hardness is very high (HRB is greater than 90), and the machining performance is extremely poor. Only a simple directional bending process which is less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the winding direction) can be performed.

          Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Coil


          Advantages and disadvantages of cold rolling


          1.fast forming speed, high output, without damaging the coating;

          2.can be made into a variety of cross-section forms to meet the needs of the use conditions;

          3.cold rolling can make the steel produce a large plastic deformation, thereby improving the yield of the steel point.


          1. Although there is no hot plastic compression in the forming process, there is still residual stress in the section, which will inevitably affect the overall and local buckling characteristics of the steel;

          2. The cold-rolled steel profile is generally an open section, so that the free torsional stiffness of the section is low. It is easy to twist when being bent, and it is prone to bending and torsion buckling when pressed, and the torsion resistance is poor;

          3. The cold-rolled steel has a small wall thickness, and there is no thickening at the corners where the plates are joined, and the ability to withstand localized concentrated loads is weak.

          What Are Your Advantages?

          1) Fast delivery time

          2) High quality, quantity is with preferential treatment

          3) We are the core agent of ZhongJin and Jinhai Steel.

          4) 100,000 Tons/Month, high production capability will short your wait time.

          5) Good quality with reasonable price

          6) Buyer's specification accepted


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