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          Magic Bean Glass Lamp

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          unit price: negotiable
          min amount:
          period for delivery: Consignment Deadline Days
          area: Guangdong
          Expiry date : Long Effective
          last update: 2018-12-10 23:09
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          Product Description

          Code number:XM-1

          Material: Metal and Tinted Glass

          Finish color: Black Frame, amber Glass


          This urban chandelier offers a perfect blend of industrial and minimalistic styles. The graphical lines make the design versatile to compliment a diverse range of interiors; whether it be a loft, a minimal space, a moody lounge, or a trendy cafe.

          A noteworthy feature unique to this design are circular parts that allow the arms of the light to rotate a full 360 degrees on some parts and 120 degrees on other parts, a flexibility to arrange to your liking. We do recommend movement only while the fixture is off with caution.


          Our light is made with quality fittings and materials. The joints and hinges are made out of brushed metal and they are movable. Some other similar products in the market are made with sub-par materials which will show as they lack the premium feel.

          Number of bulbs

          3, 5,6, 7 , 8,9,10,11,12


          40W, 110 - 240V

          Fitting type



          Black or Sandy Gold


          Yes (with compatible dimmer switch only)


          3 head:?110cm / 3.6ft length, 39cm / 1.3ft height
          5 head:?150cm / 4.9ft length, 42cm / 1.4ft height
          6 head:?165cm / 5.4ft length, 46cm / 1.5ft height
          7 head:?180cm / 5.9ft length, 46cm / 1.5ft height
          8 head:?217cm / 7.1ft length, 58cm / 1.9ft height

          Drop length

          180cm / 5.9ft?
          The cable is housed in 6 x 30cm /1ft rods.?
          The length can be adjusted by reducing the number of rods used
          Additional length can be purchased?in 30cm / 1ft increments. Please email us with your requirements for a custom order.

          Package dimensions

          3 head: 72*40*36cm
          5 head: 72*49*40cm
          7 head: 72*72*40cm
          8 head: 72*72*40cm

          Total package weight

          Approximately 5-12kg (11-33 pounds)


          This light is compatible to be used in:
          USA??110volt. This light is??certified
          EU?/ UK??220~240volt. This light is??certified
          AU?/ NZ?220~240volt


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