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          Emergency Car Glass Breaker

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          Company Profile
          Product details

          1.?Video Description

          2. Product Introduction

          FTH-PCQ-005 model is a manual window breaker, which can be used in public transport and private cars. It is convenient to carry, easy to install, and it has anti-collision cover and alarm function. The window breaking effect is safe and reliable.

          3. Product Parameter (specification)



          Model Number


          Product color

          Optional (white + red, red + yellow)

          Appearance material


          Strike strength


          Broken glass thickness

          Single layer 5~8mm

          Alarm sounds

          Above 95 decibels

          Battery life

          1-2 years

          Service life

          More than 5 years

          Product size

          88mm * 84mm * 37mm

          Product weight


          Operating temperature

          -40℃ - 85℃




          Shenzhen, Hongkong , Shanghai , Beijing, Ningbo, any port of China

          4. Product application and feature

          Suitable for buses, passenger cars, school buses, private cars, trains, etc.

          Product feature:?

          1). Save lives in fast and accurate.

          2). Break the window in short of time, escape instantly.

          3). Broken windows zero error.

          4). Easy to install, loss prevention.

          5). Automatic alarm, broken windows safety.

          5. Product details

          Front view

          Side view

          Size diagram


          6. Installation method

          1). Choose the installation location:

          Install in the two corners above the window glass, the distance between the edge of the escape device and the nearest black edge of the frame should be about 50MM, as shown in the left diagram below. please don't install on the middle of the window location as show in below right diagram.

          2). Clean the dust, grease and water on the window glass before installation.?

          ? ? ?Note: Make sure the glass is dry.

          3). Stick the indicator sticker and leave a space on the right side for instalation of the escape device.

          4). Remove the 3M rubber protective film, align the indicator sticker, and attach the broken window device to the right side of the width of about 15MM, and slowly close it from left to right. Open the transparent cover, use your thumb to press back and forth 8~10 times around the top cover, and then close the transparent cover to confirm the effect of the paste (use 5-10KG to force the movement to ensure that there will be no looseness and fit area More than 1/3), complete the installation, as shown below.?

          Note: When installing the escape, please ensure that the temperature inside the car is 15~38 °C.

          7. Success case

          At present, in many cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, more than 80% of the buses have installed this window breaker, they made a significant effect.

          8. FAQ

          Q1:What are the advantages of single manual products?

          A:It can avoid the hidden danger that the passenger can't escape because the driver can't operate the automatic function due to the accident.

          Q2:Can this product be used in private cars?

          A:Yes,This product can be used for public transport and private cars.

          Q3:What is your MOQ?

          A:We provide you small MOQ for each item, it depends your specific order!

          Q4: Could Further provide technology support?

          A: We're in this field more than 10 years. If there's any problem, please contact with us,we'll provide suggestion from our engineer to help you solve problem.

          Q5:What’s your shipping method ?

          A:UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT or Shipping by Air or by sea


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