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          Car Safety Hammer Window Breaker

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          last update: 2018-11-05 16:32
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          1. Product Introduction

          This product is subvert the traditional safety hammer. It is using a new design concept? "One second escape device".? The core part make use of hard special materials that fixed the strength on a point , and according to the mechanical principles to condensate the power of 2.0kg breaking the window. Thus,? solving the problem that traditional safety hammer repeatedly hit with poor effect of break windows.

          2. Product Parameter (specification)



          Model Number





          DC 24V


          Bus, Passenger transport, School bus, High-speed rail, Subway

          Four-way broken window current


          Alarm sound battery life

          1-2 years

          Normal detection current



          1 year

          Power cord requirement(mm2)


          Applicable broken glass thickness

          Single layer 5~8mm

          Electric shock force (KG)

          3.5KG or more




          Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai , Beijing, Ningbo , any port of China

          3. Product application?and?feature

          Applicable for Office building, School bus, Public bus, Tour bus, Passenger bus, High-speed rail, etc.

          Product feature:

          1). This device consists of four parts: driver switch, main control box, window breaker and whole vehicle wiring harness.

          2). The driver can entirely break the window by the driver switch button, the passenger can use the escape devices by hand to break windows. It can break the thickness of 8MM tempered glass.?

          3). Fire rating material is UL94_V0 .?

          4). All-round break the window at the same time, safe and reliable.

          5). Indicator light available for check.

          6). New energy without gunpowder.

          7). Can be reused, and ensure perfectly safe to breaking the window.

          4. Product details

          Device composition

          Window breaker

          Side view

          Driver switch

          Wiring diagram

          5. Usage method

          1). The method of the driver breaking automatically:

          In the event of an emergency, the driver can successfully break the glass by pressing the start switch.

          As shown in below figure.

          2). Passenger manual breaking method:

          A.?In case of emergency, open the transparent cover and sound the alarm. As shown in the figure.

          B.?Strike hard on the yellow button to break the glass. As shown in the figure.

          3). After breaking the glass, flee the dangerous scene quickly.

          Note: After the glass is broken, it may not fall completely. Use other things to quickly push off the broken glass. The car is made of tempered glass and will not scratch your hand after breaking.

          6. Our certificates

          All of the products passed CE, FCC,ROHS certifications.

          7. FAQ

          Q1:Will the product blew itself ?

          A:No, This product adopts central control circuit and dual relay, which can effectively avoid spontaneous combustion when the car is bump or in a high temperature environment.

          Q2:What certification does this product have?


          Q3:Could we can do OEM ?

          A:We offer OEM services.

          Q4:How long is the service life of this window breaker?

          A:The normal working temperature of the product is 40 degrees below zero to 85 degrees, and its service life is over 5 years.

          Q5:what payment ways do you accept?

          A:We receive Paypal,Western union,Bank transfer(T/T),Alipay all for Option


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