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          Grey Aluminium French Door

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          Company Profile
          Product details

          Want a better privacy, safety and visual effect? Aluminium 2.0mm heavy duty series casement door can satisfy all your desires both at the same time.

          It created the 2.0mm heavy duty series' history and can be made into unified colors with other doors in decoration. Optional glass panels can meet different requirements, such as tempered glass, bullet proof glass and even you can add blind according to your need. Various ways of opening is very convenient for using.

          F501 Half door casing casement door (Grey )

          Product Features

          ● Original design of 2.0mm heavy duty series.

          ● The unit of colors and styles with other doors in decoration..

          ● Optional glasses can be adopted, such as bullet-proof glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and the blind.

          ● Good quality lock and handles are more convenient and protect better privacy.

          ● Suitable for various decoration styles.

          F501 Half door casing casement door (Jazz Golden)

          Product Parameters

          2.0 Series Aluminium Casement Door F501

          Installing way of Glasses

          Max Height of a single Pane

          Max Width of a single Panel


          Anti-moisture Aluminium Bar+Seals



          Prompt: Accept the customization of size and colors.

          F501 Half door casing casement door (White)

          Optional Colors

          ? White? ? ?Jazz Golden? ? ?American Rosewood? ? ?Golden Sandalwood? ? ?Grey

          Hardware Configuration

          F501 Handle Lock-S1005 Golden / Sliver / Bronze

          F501 Lock Structure for Casement Door

          F501 Hinge Golden / Sliver / Bronze

          ● External Adjustable Hinge.

          A single hinge can bear the weight of 300 KG.

          Patent design: The hinge can be adjusted side to side, up and down.


          1. What is your brand?

          A: Fuaosi is the top ten in China Aluminium doors and windows industry and we have our own factory with a history about two decades.

          2. How can I visit your factory?

          A: Our factory is located at Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. You are welcomed and you can inform us in advance, we can arrange the pick up at the nearest airport.

          3. What is your advantage?

          A: We have many national patents and good quality, quick delivery and good customer service.


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