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          25W LED Remote Phosphor Tech Bulbs

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          Company Profile
          Product details

          Product Introduction of 25W LED Remote Phosphor Tech bulbs:

          RAT use normal phosphor, low cost on materials. Patented RPT Cover manufacturing process: mix the normal phosphor and PC materials to get the mixture, inject the mixture to get the shaped light emitting devices, low cost, excellent color consistency, These features ensure our RPT products could be commercialized in large batches with acceptable cost and excellent performance. And patented Blue led chips manufacturing technology, increase 15% more blue light output than normal blue LED chips.

          Advantage of 25W LED Remote Phosphor Tech bulbs:

          ● Ra>95 & R9>50 available.

          ● Build in driver design directly replace traditional HPS, Metal Halide lamp and Mercury lamp.

          ● System works in Lower temperature & Higher efficiency.

          ● System works more reliable and steady, longer life time.

          ● Lower down the working temperature of the phosphor, slow down the degenerate rate of the phosphor layer, longer life of the phosphor, increase the light output efficiency of the phosphor.

          ● Excellent color stability, stable flux output and consistency of the color temperature.

          ● Lower lumen decrease rate than normal LED products.

          ● Less glaring than normal LED products.

          Products Roadmap of 25W LED Remote Phosphor Tech bulbs:

          ● Outdoor Lighting:Street Light, Tunnel Light, Flood Light, Show-box Light, Wall Packs Light.

          ● Commercial Lighting:Down Light, Panel Light, Batten Light, High bay Light

          ● Special Function Lighting:Mosquito Repellent Bug Light, Grow Light….etc.

          ● Household Lighting: Eye-protection Table Light.


          Item No.







          New & Replacement LED Products

          As a professional LED Lighting supplier, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to provide our customers with cost-effective and competitively-priced LED Lighting products, and provide those products in an easy and efficient manner.

          1. Are all retrofits main voltage?

          Most retrofits have the appearance of a conventional lamp and are used as direct replacement for the existing one. i.e. they have a screw or bayonet cap base. With downlights and spotlights, it's common to have a 50mm dia reflector lamp. The mains voltage ones are usually called GU10, which refers to the flattened pins on the base. However, some are available for 12V supply fed from a transformer, e.g. Direct replacements for 50mm dichroic LV downlights. These will have thinner pins and are often called MR16 or GU5.3 lamps.

          2. What other parameters can be used to evaluate the color quality of light?

          Apart from CRI, R-values and CQS, color consistency is also a measure of the quality of light. The color consistency can be evaluated at several levels as follows:

          ● Consistency over time: Color shifts over the life time of LEDs.

          ● Consistency between different products and batches: Color tone variations from batch to batch.

          ● Consistency across the beam of light: Color shift across the beam of the LEDs.

          ● Consistency between color specification in the datasheet and that seen when the LED is used.

          3. Do LED's contain hazardous chemicals?

          No, the street lighting LED's contain no hazardous chemicals, unlike most fluorescent or High Intensity Discharge (traditional street lighting) lamp sources which contain mercury. In addition, the LED luminaires are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

          4. Why are LED's considered an environmentally friendly technology?

          LED's are considered to be environmentally friendly in a number of ways. Firstly, they are designed to have a long life span which can offer around 20 years of near maintenance-free service. Unlike conventional street lighting units, there is no lamp to change which means no waste. Assuming a conventional street light is re-lamped every four years, that's five re-lamping cycles over a 20 year period.

          As such, there is

          ? reduced disposal of old lamps containing harmful mercury;

          ? reduced fuel used and the accompanying pollution to service those fixtures;

          ? reduced potential for congestion on the highway network through lane closures or road works;

          ? less natural resources and energy used to produce the replacement lamps;

          ? less fuel used to transport the lamps from the factory (most likely overseas), to the distributor, to the contractor, to the job site.

          5. What is a "Parking Garage & Canopy Lighting" application?

          Parking Garage Lighting and Canopy Lighting is a term used to describe both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting that is commonly surface, pendant, or recessed mounted to a structure's ceiling, soffit, or overhang. This type of lighting is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicle and pedestrian use. There is a wide range of fixture sizes, shapes, and mounting types that can be categorized as lighting for parking garages or canopies.


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