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          Bostik Glue Stick

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          last update: 2018-09-19 21:15
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          1.Product Description

          W207 BOSTICK GLUE STICK is a low temperature EVA hot melt adhesive in stick, good melt fluidity,? good resistance to low temperature. We can provide the performance engineering plastics material supply service.

          2.product Parameter (specification)

          Main composition

          EVA resin,viscosity resin,wax, antioxidant and etc









          Softening point


          Service temperature


          Opening time

          20~30 s



          Storage condition

          ?ventilated dry cool place

          ATTENTION:? 1.The stick is solid matter, non-toxic, but should away from skin after being melted, to prevent burns;? 2. With the change of melt temperature, environment temperature, spraying quantity, laminating time pressure and etc., open time and curing time will be changed.? 3.Long time high temperature (over 200 ℃) could make the main polymer partially degraded which affect the cohesive force, also can oxidize the viscosity resin which affect product color.

          3.Product feature and application


          Q1. Can I get a sample of hot melt adhesive glue stick?

          A: Yes, we provide less 1kg of free sample for testing.

          Q2: How long can I get the samples?

          A: around 1 week after sending by DHL,TNT or Fedex express.

          Q3. What's the dead-time of shipment?

          A: Within 7-15 working days for 18.5tons/20ft, 24.5tons/40ft.

          Q4. What is your MOQ?

          A:? MOQ is 1000kg,but 100kg for trial order is acceptable,only price different.

          Q5. Can we have customized packing?

          A: Yes. We can do OEM/ODM.

          Q6: Can we buy through our China agent?

          A: Yes. Please provide contact of your agent.

          5.Our advantages as below:

          a.We are professional manufacturer with 15 years experience.

          b.All of our products have approved SGS, ROHS certification.

          c. Good and rapid production introduction and suitable hot melt adhesive.

          d.Good long term cooperation with customer.

          e.Really Original ISO9001 factory.


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