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          Horizontal Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

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          Company Profile
          Product details

          Horizontal ring die wood pellet machine

          1. Product introduction of the horizontal ring die wood pellet machine

          ① Wood pellet machine can press nearly all kinds of wood sawdust, rice husk, straw stalk, peanut shell, grass, alfalfa, hay and other biomass materials into pellets.?

          ② Working Principle:

          The wood in bin enters the conditioner from the feeder. The wood enters the pellet chamber through the wood chute, and is fed to two pelleting sections inside the die by a deflector. Because of high speed rotation of die, the wood is driven to between die and roller. Under the forceful extrusion, the wood is extruded solid and takes shape in the die hole. Since the extrusion of wood between die and roller is continuous, the shaped wood extrudes constantly from the die hole in shape of column, then is cut to pellets of required proper length to go the next process.?

          2. Product Parameter of the?horizontal?ring die wood pellet machine

          Model No.




          Power of main motor


          Power of feeder motor


          Power of forced feeder motor


          Voltage of the motor

          380V/3 phase/50hz

          Brand of the motors

          Siemens BEIDE brand

          Brand of bearings?on the mainframe


          Inner diameter of the ring die


          Materials of the ring die


          Service life of the ring die

          700~800 hours

          Price of Alternative ring die


          Quantity of the roller wheels

          2 pcs

          Materials of pressing roller


          Service life of the roller wheels

          ≥ 800 hours

          Moisture content of the input materials


          Gross weight after packing


          Packing dimensions(M)

          L3.2*W1.5*H1.6 (pellet machine)

          ? ? ?L1.0*W0.63*H2.15 (elect-control cabinet)

          ? ? ?L2.55*W1.6*H1.25 (screw feeder)

          3. Product feature and application of horizontal ring die wood pellet machine

          ① SZLH420 horizontal ring die wood pellet machine is a machine which is used to produce hard pellets and is applicable for the medium with annual capacity of 4,000 ton .

          ② This machine has the features of compact structure, fine appearance, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, and reliable performance.

          ③ Dies of various hole diameter such asφ6、φ8、φ10 are available . Customers can order dies of different holes diameters according to the production needs.

          ④ This machine adopts a system of conversion speed-adjustable feeding and axial steam spraying, and a cleaning method of “LL” conditioner big opening, and also systems of external discharging, strong magnetic safety and overload protection, additionally, clamp type die, fully imported bearings in gearbox and power transmission through S-shaped spring coupling.4.?

          4. Deliver, shipping and serving of the our company

          ① We cooperated with so many professioal shipping agents, ensure equipments to arrive in the destination on time and safely by sea.

          ② The warranty of our products is 3 year. And engineers are available to service machinery overseas.


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