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          Ladies Electric Bicycle

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          area: Beijing
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          last update: 2019-01-01 00:06
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          Company Profile
          Product details


          This Ladies Electric Bicycle Streamlined steel frame, Rust-Proof powder coating, Fashion forward. Reinforced front bracket "load upgrade&rdquo; make your load easier, don't worry about your trip. With High-quality cushion, Maximum reduce the bumpy, give you a comfortable ride experience.Ex-factory price sale, Minimizing intermediate costs, provide Customers with lower prices of electric bike and better service.

          High Configuration Brake System

          Adults Electric bicycle configuration front V brake, rear expansion brake. "Blended Braking" provides higher safety for city electric bike. This bike is equipped with a "Removable" 36V/10Ah lithium battery, Carrying a lithium battery smart charger, battery charging time ?4 hours, help you long-distance cycling 25miles, Electric & Pedal Assist alternate Use can ride over longer distances.

          Strong Motor & Gear Shifting System

          High-speed motor, for electric vehicles provide a strong impetus, easily increase speed to 20-25 km/h . High-end six-speed shifting system, perfect to meet your different needs for speed.

          LED turntable instrument, simplify operation button, make your riding operations easier and convenient.

          Electric Bicycles front high-brightness night light, with taillight design, give you a safe driving environment at night.

          Product Details

          More Species

          Smart Riding

          Traditional Pedaling / Pedal Assist / Fully Automatic, exercise - work - relaxation 3 Modes rolled into one.

          Day's work tired? "Electric Mode" will take you home.

          Baggage burden? Luggage rack design & bicycle basket hope to help you.

          Riding on rainy days, paying attention to the slippery road. For your safety, don't let the water flood the battery, and go home quickly.


          Customer Visit

          We Promise:

          The are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects in materials and/or workmanship for a 1 year period from the date of original purchase.

          Note: "Pre-assembled" In order to avoid collision and damage during transportation, at the same time alleviate your installation troubles, the electric bicycle has completed 95% assembly before shipment, just need to assemble the front wheel and handlebar.

          Quality Assurance

          Company Advantage

          Wuxi Jiangyin Xufeng Electric bicycle Co., Ltd. is a direct manufacturer and exporter specializing in electric scooter, electric motorcycle, electricbicycle and motor etc.

          Our factory was established in the year of 1993, with the long history of accumulatedexperience in electric vehicle industry in south Jiangsu.we also can make different kindsof motor, controller, battery charger and convertor by ourselves.

          Till now, we had already sell our production to the following countries and district:Germany, ltaly, British, France, Netherland, USA, India, Korea, lsrael, Swaziland, Egypt,Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bengal etc.


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