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          New Energy Motor Housing

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          Company Profile
          Product details


          Our company has more than 50 sets of production equipments, and precision equipment nearly reaches to 20 sets.


          Product Introduction

          New energy motor housing is special designed for new energy equipment. The rotor adopted hanging structure, the stator and compressor casing as a whole, it has omitted the complex middle connection way before, compared with the original volume, New energy motor housing reduced by more than one-third, and reduced the manufacturing cost of air compressor. It has many advantages of beautIful appearance, low noise, zero transmission loss, the long service lIfe.



          Casting type: Metal low pressure casting

          Material: Aluminum alloy

          Heat- treatment: T6

          Machining:? CNC Machining/ Turning/ Milling/ Tapping etc.

          Machining Tolerance: ±0.003

          Weight: 0.5-50kgs

          Lead Time: 35-60 days

          MOQ: 10000pcs/Year


          Features of New energy motor housing

          1. Small size, compact structure, high power density;

          2. High efficiency, efficient area expansion, light weight;

          3. High safety performance and low motor noise.


          Company Advantages

          1.ALM is specialized in aluminum alloy gravity casting, low pressure casting, precision machining, design, manufacture, and sales.

          2.The company has high-quality, sophisticated equipment and engineering technicians to carry out quality research activities, so that product quality has signIficantly improved.

          3.The use of advanced quality management models and control methods at home and abroad, so that product quality has a reliable guarantee.


          QualIfication Honors

          The company has passed IATF 16949 international certIfication and ISO9001 quality system certIfication.



          Q: How long can you provide the sample after receiving our drawings?

          A: According to the detailed content of the drawings.

          Q:How big is your processing site?

          A: About 20000 square meters.

          Q: How about your payment?

          A: In general, T / T is the most popular, or we can discuss the other ways later.


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