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          LED Bike Wheel Lights

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          last update: 2018-11-11 11:08
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          Company Profile
          Product details

          LED bike wheel lights

          Be cool, be safe!fGet 100% Brighter and Visible from All Angles for Ultimate Safety & Style




          Working time:10hrs





          ● Most bicycles, like mountain bikes, ross bikes, mummers and child bicycles all can be equipped with our bike wheel lights

          ● 6 colors to choose, each package box covers 1 whee?High-brightness lights gain increased visibility from all directions, keep your loved one or friends safer

          ● Manual modes: switch press 1 and the lights will slow flash

          ● Press 2 and the lights will mid flash

          ● Press 3 and the lights will quick flash

          ● Press 4 and the lights are steady light

          ● Often press off

          ● Various models are changed at any time

          ● Awesome gifts for both boys and girls

          ● Bring lots of fun, wonderful gifts for everyone

          ● Smart mode: slow flash, mid flash, quick flash, you also can experience smart mode

          ● When the smart mode is on, it can be opened and closed automatically without manual operation

          ● If you don't want to use this mode, you can close it anytime you want

          ● Safety performance: bike wheel light is compact, lightweight and bicycle center of gravity, no exterior impact

          ● It is hard to shake it off even if you run on a spoke of a wheel steady, uneven road at night

          ● Light illuminates the surrounding road surface scattered from 360°, making the road more visible and improving safety even in bad weather condition

          ● IP65 waterproof design, even immersed in water within 10 minutes, these bike wheel lights still work well

          ● Easy to install: you got it, these cool LED bicycle rim lights are simple to install

          ● You only need minutes and it's suitable for wheels with 20 spokes and larger one, they even fit smaller wheels with 20 spokes

          ● No tools needed

          Product pictures:



          ● What color is the brightest:

          A:The white one is so bright, which will make others notice you!

          ● Would the light up during daytime?

          A: They only light up when the switch is on.

          ● Will the work on wheel chair wheels?

          If you like ,you can install it on your wheel chair wheels.It will make you so cool.


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