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          Cycling Lights

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          Cycling lights?





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          Light up your ride?with the?Bikes On Hikes Bike Wheel Spoke Light String. Besides making you visible in low light conditions, they also add some glow and shine?to your bike. Show off your own unique style and fun by choosing from the?six popular color options — white, blue, green, pink, red and multi-color.

          While standard bike lights are only visible from the front and back, this string of lights allows you to be seen from all angles, whether you’re pedaling away or taking a break. And if you want even more attention, you can switch from the constant light setting?to the flashing mode.?

          ?Loved by males and females of all ages, the Bikes On Hikes?fits 12-inch toddler bikes all the way up to 29-inch adult bicycles. And no tools are required?for installation. Simply install the included batteries, attach the compartment to the center hub with zip ties and wrap the string of lights around the tire’s spokes.?Ultra-bright?and waterproof, these top-quality lights will keep you safe and visible in all kinds of weather.

          Each box includes one string of lights – enough for one bike wheel or frame. This allows you to personalize your bike?to fit your own style. Use the same color for both wheels or mix them up for increased visual interest and appeal.

          Do you have a loved one who enjoys going out for bike rides at all times of day? Is there a special occasion coming up that you need a gift for? Consider Bikes On Hikes?the next time a gift-giving occasion comes along for the bike enthusiast in your life. The?hottest new thing to hit trend-setting cities across America, this Wheel Spoke Light String will keep them safe when they ride, and?turn heads?to boot!

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