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          Float Laminated Glass

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          Product details

          Float laminated glass is produced with two or more thoroughly cleaned panels with one or more polyvinyl-butyralfoils(PVB) are mounted on each other? in a clean room. Then the sandwich is pre-strengthened in a rolling process at approx. 200℃ heat and then put these glasses on a shelf into the autoclave with about 130℃ heat and 10 bar pressure.


          Thickness of glass


          Thickness of PVB


          Colors of PVB

          Clear, Milky white, Bronze, Dark grey, Euro grey, Dark blue, Light blue, Dark green, ? Light Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Black, Porcelain white

          Brand of PVB

          Decent, KB, DuPont, Solutia, Sekusui, Trosifol

          Type of glass

          Clear float, Ultra clear, Bronze tinted float, Euro grey tinted float, Dark grey tinted float, Dark blue tinted float, Fort/Lake blue tinted float, F-Green tinted float, Dark green tinted float,

          Size of float laminated glass


          Float glass?is a sheet of?glass?made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically?tin, although?lead?and various low?melting point?alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces.

          Modern?windows?are made from float glass. Most float glass is?soda-lime glass, but relatively minor quantities of specialty?borosilicate?and?flat panel display?glass are also produced using the float glass process.?The float glass process is also known as the?Pilkington process, named after the British glass manufacturer?Pilkington, which pioneered the technique (invented by Sir?Alastair Pilkington) in the 1950s at their production site in?St Helens, Merseyside.


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